Even in our contemporary Western society, sound healing offers many benefits and is a special and powerful therapeutic form to relieve illnesses such as stress and anxiety. Sounds can have healing properties, making sound healing an effective method to boost a person’s mood, relieve stress, balance energy and regulate and improve sleep. A sound healing is an acoustic meditative healing journey that relaxes the body, calms the mind with all thoughts and activates the body’s natural healing systems.

A session is carried out with the participant sitting or laying down and can take multiple forms using a variety of aspects of sound to focus on your healing.

foto by Liesbeth Deckers

WHY?                                                                                                                              Everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency, including the cells in your body. The vibrations of instruments or singing can interact with the body’s cells to create healing results, and because our body is 75% water, it is an excellent conductor for vibrations. Multiple scientific studies have shown that sound affects the body in positive ways and can help support well-being and be an effective treatment for chronic pain and stress management.

During a sound healing I use a wide range of instruments including gongs, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, pandrum, shaman drum, tingsha bells, rainstick, different types of flutes(native indian flutes, shakuhachi) and nature sounds.

Harmonizes both mental and physical aspects of the body
Relaxation, calms the mind
Improves sleep
Stimulation of energy
clarity of mind
Improves concentration and creativity
Normalizes blood pressure

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