Josananda The Sound Of The Heart

may 23, full moon in Sagittarius. This full moon is also called ‘flower moon’.

       My new track for the album ‘shamanic journey’


Josananda, born in the Netherlands, studied flute at the conservatory of Amsterdam. After graduating he focused on solo performances, chamber music and teaching. Today, he makes music for meditation, yoga, healing, reiki and relaxation. 

foto by Liesbeth Deckers

Meditative music

Enjoy the peacefull healing music of Josananda. Also concerts on location. For more info, please send me an email.

foto by Liesbeth Deckers

Sound healing

Experience deep inner peace. Increase self-awareness, clarity, creativity. Josananda uses Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls rainsticks, native indian flutes


What people say about the music


“Your music brings peace and acceptance. Brings us to the simplicity of our being.”


“blissful to flow with the sounds of light. Beautiful”



“I let go of my thinking, let go of everything, pains were gone for a while. Thank you for the beautiful music”


For concert bookings, cd’s, or other questions, please send me an email.

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